What Is Advocacy?

Image of coloured cartoon people holding hands promoting advocacyDisability Advocacy ensures the human and legal rights of people with disabilities are promoted and protected. This makes sure that people with disabilities can take part in the community and live a better quality of life.

An advocate in the disability sector works to ensure the rights of people with disabilities are upheld. They support people with disabilities to make decisions affecting their lives.

Self Advocacy is when someone with disability is supported to speak up for themselves. There are a number of community based groups providing support and training to people with disabilities to speak up for themselves. 

This can be:What do you want image of man thinking about self advocacy

  • Giving information and advice so that the person with a disability can speak for themselves.
  • Supporting the person with disability to take action when they are being treated unfairly.


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We have many support programs offered for free. Here is one case where we gave support with travel:

Self Advocacy Sydney helped Emily learn how to travel by herself. Now, she has the skills to use public transport without support. If you would like to be a self advocate, please call us and make an appointment about the training you would like.

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