Feedback and Complaints

Self Advocacy Sydney welcomes all feedback and complaints. You can download our feedback and complaints forms below to fill out and have your voice heard.

Need help giving feedback or making a complaint?

There are plenty of supports available if you need help with giving feedback or making a complaint. You can contact the services below.

Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office

Phone: 1300 362 072

 Intellectual Disability Rights Services (IDRS)

Phone: 1800 666 611

For Clients giving feedback or complaints

Please fill in the Feedback form attached and email us or return it to our office. 

Support is available from SAS Staff if you need help with submitting your feedback or complaint.

For Others giving feedback and complaints 

If you are a service provider, carer, parent or other involved party who wishes to make a complaint, you can contact us by phone, email or visit us at our office to have your say. 

Complaints procedure

Our Complaints procedure outlines the process of making a complaint. Click below to view the full Complaints procedure. 

Complaints Services

National Disability Abuse and Neglect HotlineThe National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline is an Australia-wide telephone hotline for reporting abuse and neglect of people with disabilities using government funded services. Allegations are referred to the appropriate authority for investigation.1800 880
CRRS – Complaints Resolution & Referral ServiceA complaint resolution service for people using Commonwealth-funded disability employment and advocacy services.1800 880

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