NDIS Appeals

What is NDIS Appeals?

NDIS Appeals is a service that helps people who want to appeal a decision made by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

If you have been given a decision that you are unhappy with, we can support you to put in an appeal. This appeal will help the decision be reviewed again.

NDIS Appeals Advocate Cynthia

Cynthia Buthapaty

NDIS Appeals Coordinator

Najat Ibrahim

NDIS Appeals Officer

SAS can now help you with NDIS Appeals

NDIS Appeals has been set up so that all people with disability affected by reviewable decisions of the National Disability Insurance Agency, have access to support when they are seeking review of those decisions. These decisions are reviewed in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

SAS is the only NDIS Appeals service between Parramatta and Penrith!

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What is the AAT?

The AAT has power to assess a wide range of decisions made by NDIS. This includes:

  • Who is able to participate in the NDIS
  • What types of support are provided to NDIS participants

Please note: An application must be made within 28 days after you receive the decision from NDIS. The AAT may allow longer in special circumstances.

Who can we assist?

  • You are a person with disability, and are unhappy with a decision made about the NDIS.
  • If you work for a service and wish to refer a person for assistance with advocacy or an AAT appeal.
  • If you are a participant’s chosen support and need advice with the AAT processes.

NDIS Appeals can help to:

  • Guide applicants through the process of an AAT review of NDIS decisions. This includes preparing documents, attending conferences and hearings.
  • Assist applicants to self advocate where possible. We can also provide individual advocacy support, developing an action plan together with the applicant.
  • Make a referral to the Central Assessment Provider. Legal issues are highlighted to determine whether legal services will be provided (for complex or novel legal cases).
  • Provide information about the availability and role of the support person.

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