Our Mission

Vision Statement

People with intellectual disability are valued members of the community, have their voices heard and rights supported.

Mission Statement

  • Give training, support and information to all people with intellectual disability to develop their skills as self advocates.
  • Provide information and education to the community about self advocacy and the rights of the people with intellectual disability.
  • Develop strong links with other advocacy and community groups.


  • To provide a meeting place for people with intellectual disability where we can help each other to learn more about our rights and become more responsible in the community.
  • To develop our skills and confidence so that we can speak for ourselves and make our own decisions.
  • To make people in the community more aware of the rights, needs and abilities of people with intellectual disability.
  • To develop meeting skills so that we can all take an active part in meetings.
  • To speak and act on behalf of other people with intellectual disability.
  • To build up support in the community and at all levels of Government for people who want to speak for themselves.
  • To employ people with intellectual disability in positions in the office with training support as needed.
  • To make sure that people with intellectual disability know about any good resources and training programs for our members and staff by networking with other groups.
  • To provide an example to the whole community, of a service run well, for and by people with intellectual disability.
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