Executive Board

Peter Lockyer, President

Peter Lockyer has been the President of the Executive Board since 2019. 

He has contributed to making the voice of people with intellectual disability heard, especially in the organisation of Self Advocacy Sydney.

Peter was also active in setting up the new offices for our growing Leadership and Peer Support program. 

Professor Iva Strnadova, Secretary

Professor Iva Strnadova is the Secretary of the Executive Board.

She is a current Professor at the University of New South Wales. 

She is a researcher focused on special education and disability. 

Her research aims to contribute to better understanding and improvement of the life experiences of people with disabilities.

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Bruce O'Brien, Treasurer

Bruce was born with autism and intellectual disability. He loves maths and working on his computer. Bruce is a strong self advocate who has been involved with SAS since 1997. Previously, he was a staff member at the Sydney University’s Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) Administration team. He helped with website administration and general office work. Bruce was also a member of the CDS inclusive research group. 

His links with CDS has benefited all SAS stakeholders – helping us keep up with the latest trends, research and studies around self advocacy and issues relating to people with intellectual disability. 

Professor Trevor Parmenter AM, Patron

Professor Trevor Parmenter AM is the Patron of the Board. 

He has held many positions at different universities as a Professor and researcher, and has published widely on many disability issues. 

Professor Trevor Parmenter AM was awarded an Order of Australia in 2005 for his contributions to research, teaching and services to people with developmental disabilities. 

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Julie Loblinzk OAM

Julie has been with SAS Inc since 1989, in many roles over the years. First as a board member, then has held every staff role at SAS, even interim CEO. 

In 2016, Julie was awarded a Trevor Parmenter Lifetime Achievement Award by The Centre for Disability Studies.

December 2019, Julie was appointed Adjunct Lecturer, School of Education, University of New South Wales (UNSW) after 4 years of guest lecturing. 

In December 2020, Julie received an award from the Disability Leadership Institute for Change Making. This award celebrates Julie’s research at University of New South Wales into the effects of a pandemic on people with disability. 

In 2021, Julie stepped down from the role of Self Advocacy Officer to become a Board Member.

In 2023, Julie was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) for her significant contributions to the disability sector.

John Beard

John became a board member in September 2018, after a long association with SAS.

He replaced Lyn Beard, who was the Board’s support person, when she passed away in 2012.

John has been on the Executive Board since taking over from his wife Lyn. Her passion supporting the board has been amazing and John’s commitment to supporting the board has been just as wonderful and appreciated.

John retired from Telstra, after a long professional career. His skills and experience have been vital in supporting the board meet their responsibilities. Furthermore, John’s extensive corporate experience has been a huge benefit to our stakeholders.

Genevieve Rodrigues

Genevieve has been involved with Self Advocacy Sydney since 2023. As a Self Advocacy client, she learnt how to speak up for herself and stand up for her rights. Genevieve became a Board member because she is passionate about supporting others to become self advocates, and wants to help others gain confidence and believe in themselves.

Paul Jarnet

Paul was born with intellectual disability and autism. After joining Self Advocacy Sydney as a client in 2022, Paul became a Board member in 2023, with the goals to support others to speak up for themselves and have more disability support compared to when he was younger.

Paul has been involved with many other disability organisations including Council for Intellectual Disability, participating in projects where he learned various skills. As a strong self advocate, Paul will bring his strong speaking skills and passion for helping others to his position as Board member.

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