J Moss Award

What is the J Moss Award?

The J Moss Award is presented to a person to acknowledge outstanding work in the field of intellectual disability. 

It was named after the first person who won the award, Jeannette Moss. Jeanette Moss is a parent of a person with disability who has achieved amazing things to support SAS back in the early days.             

J Moss Award plaque

The Jeanette Moss Award is presented every two years at the Self Advocacy Sydney AGM. 

A shield is kept in the SAS office with the winner’s name engraved on it and a certificate is presented to the winner.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who has supported people with intellectual disabilities in the Sydney area can be nominated. This can be as a paid worker or as a volunteer.

Note: Employees or current Board members of Self Advocacy cannot receive the award. 

How do we choose the recipient?

  1. Nomination forms are sent out to all SAS members. This will include AGM election forms.
  2. These nomination forms will be passed onto the Board.
  3. The Board will vote on their choice. This will be based on the person’s history of supporting with people with intellectual disabilities

Winners of the J Moss Award

Board member Julie Loblinzk

Congratulations to Julie Loblinzk for receiving the J Moss Award in 2022! 

Julie has worked for decades to support people with intellectual disability to speak up for themselves. 

She has worked with the University of New South Wales on many research projects such as the effects of the pandemic on people with intellectual disability. 

Click here to read more about Julie.

J Moss Award Winners

YearAward Winner
2022Julie Loblinzk
1990Judy Ellis
1992Carol Pein
1994John Jacobsen
1998Roger West
2000Helen Seares
2003Leanne Dowse
2005Berinda Karp
2007Arthur Bozikas
2009Carmel Silvestro
2011Paul Sperteri
2013Yvette Proud
2015Margaret Williams
2017Professor Iva Strnadova
2019Professor Trevor Parmenter AM
1988Jeanette Moss
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