James’ Client Story

James client story. He is sitting in his mobility aid chair smiling at the camera.

James’ Client Story began as a Leadership and Peer Support (Laps) client. He became a client in early 2021. James was born with a disability, 25 weeks premature with a 50% chance of survival. He joined LAPS hoping to learn skills and knowledge so he could work towards his 10 year goal.

Client James and support worker Suman sit together during a LAPS session.

After learning about the lack of support and help for people with disabilities in Nepal, James decided with Suman, his support worker and friend that they wanted to help with setting up a charity in Nepal. They wanted to help with providing better housing and respite cottages in Nepal.

"Suman is the first carer I’ve had that actually listens to me and lets me speak my mind. Suman is from Nepal. He told me that people with disability in Nepal don’t have supports like NDIS or support workers. I want to return Suman’s kindness and help his people with my 10 year plan. I want to provide homes for people with disability and help give them the supports they need."

Recently, James advised us that him and Suman have started planning their first trip to Nepal. They began with setting up a GoFundMe that raised over $700 to help fund their Nepal trip, as well as featuring in a video telling people about their goal. This is the start of James’ client story of working towards his 10 year goal and dream. 

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