Iva Strnadova, Professor

Executive Board Member Professor Iva Strnadova

About Professor Iva Strnadová

Iva Strnadová is a Professor in Special Education at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Her research aims to contribute to better understanding and the improvement of life experiences of people with disability. She has a particular research interest in the well-being of people with developmental disability (intellectual disability and autism) and their families over the life span, diverse transitions in the lives of people with disability (particularly people with intellectual disability and autism); women with intellectual disability; parents with intellectual disability; and inclusive research.


Board Member, Self Advocacy Sydney Inc. 2018 – Current

Iva has a strong history of securing national and international research grants. Since 2005, she has been one of the CIs on more than twenty different research projects on both national and international levels. She conceptualised the research projects, managed research teams, and in some of the projects mentored fellow CIs in the application of the grounded theory approach.

Iva Strnadová has published two professional books in the field of special education. She has co-authored nine other books and co-editored two books. She has also written thirty-seven book chapters and thirty-seven peer-refereed journal articles in prestigious journals in this area.


  • Mgr. (Master of Special Education; Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • PhDr. (Doctor of Philosophy; Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy; Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Doc (Associate Professor School of Education UNSW, Fields: Special Education and Disability Tags: Ability and Disability, Special Needs Education)

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