Supports we cover

We have a range of supports and topics to help you become a self advocate.

We provide information supports sessions to build skills and cover topics you want to learn about.

These sessions are free of cost and aim to support people with intellectual disability.

Our aims are to help you: 

  • Make your own choices
  • Understand your rights 
  • Work together with other people with intellectual disability
  • Learn to speak up for yourself
Angelo helping clients during a self advocacy training session.

Topics we cover

Self Advocacy supports

Learn how to speak up for yourself 

Learn about types of disability and how it affects you

Leadership supports

Learn how to lead others

Learn about your rights

Budgeting Supports

Learn how to manage money

Learn how to say no

Communication supports

Learn how to talk to others

Learn how to manage anger

Our Team

We are a team of advocates passionate in helping people with disability speak up for themselves.  
You can trust us to provide supports to you on your journey to becoming a Self Advocate! 

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