Angelo Hatzimanolis

In 2017, Angelo Hatzimanolis completed his High School Certificate. Soon after graduation, Angelo got a job at McDonalds. He gained excellent customer service experience and found his passion for supporting people. 

Passionate about supporting people, Angelo became involved with SAS’s voluntary program in July 2018. After 3 months working hard with our clients and their stakeholders, Angelo got a job with SAS supporting clients with their self advocacy goals.

Angelo Hatzimanolis started as the Client officer in September 2018, helping clients with all their self advocacy goals as well as completing Clients’ Action Plans. Now, he is working as a Self Advocacy Officer and has helped many clients reach their goals. 

One of Angelo’s most rewarding part of his job is helping clients with transport issues. He has supported clients to go to our office from the local railway station. This has helped them learn to take transport by themselves. Angelo also loves getting to know clients and their interests. 

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