Joe Refalo


Image of Joe Refalo, Board MemberBoard Member, Self Advocacy Sydney Inc. 2010 – Current

Joe has intellectual disability. He loves driving his car and going to the speedway at Granville. Joe has been a board member since 2009. Over this period, he has been working closely with SAS’ Administration Manager, Susana Marcora and the financial auditor, Karen Kelly CPA. His role as Treasurer has had him attend many additional committees and he has also headed up a range of associated Financial Sub-committees, overseeing the annual budget.

Joe has always been very helpful to SAS’ members and anyone wishing to use SAS’ services.  Joe leads by example and actively encourages people to take on more responsibility by encouraging them all to take it one step at a time.  His positive attitude is welcomed by everyone and has been crucial in the development of others gaining new skills. 

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