Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

Dear all,

We are posting this to keep you up to date with how we are managing our services through the tough times related to the Coronavirus


Due to current concerns and the impact of the COVID – 19 virus, Self Advocacy Sydney’s (SAS) Management have decided in March 2020, that all non-essential face to face meetings will be postponed/cancelled until further notice.

We are taking this measure because of the vulnerability of many of the people we support and our commitment to keeping them, our staff and volunteers safe.

SAS will be speaking directly to all our stakeholders where possible and will continue to update you once we have more information.

We are doing everything possible so we can continue to provide our services to you.

As Governments across the country began to loosen the restrictions on movement and interaction, SAS commenced planning to re-open sites and services. 

Our priority and core objective in this planning has been ensuring a COVID-safe environment for people who access our services, our staff and the community.

We have developed a COVID-19 Transition Plan to manage our safe return to sites and operations. 

The Transition Plan has 4-stages which will see the gradual re-establishment of services, and the reopening of sites and offices. 

After much planning and preparation, Stage 1 of the Transition Plan commenced on 22 June 2020. 

Stage 1 includes the following: 

  • Staff will begin to work from sites and offices, but this will be limited to one day per week.
  • For staff to gain access to sites and offices, temperatures will be checked and they will complete health check-in questions.
  • Promotion of personal hygiene, physical distancing and COVID-safe practices will continue and be enhanced.
  • Delivery of services to people accessing our outreach services at home or in the community will increase.
  •  Group activities, delivered at sites and offices, will continue to be suspended.
  • At this time external visitors will be limited at the offices.
  • Cleaning of sites and offices will be increased.

There is no set timeframe for how long the above arrangements will be in place. 

We will continue to follow Government and medical advice, and use that as our gauge for decision making about progressing to Stage 2 of the Transition Plan.  

Our priority is everyone’s wellbeing and safety and we will continue to implement the plan with a considered and careful approach.  

As we begin to re-open we would like to thank people who access our services for their flexibility and willingness to be supported using telephone and technology of the last three months. Thank you also to the SAS team for their ability to rapidly change their approach to delivering supports (including some great innovations) and to continue to provide the supports people have needed. 

We are also grateful to our Funders for their support and flexibility.

We are very proud of everyone’s efforts, and their commitment to staying safe.

Arthur Bozikas OAM
Chief Executive Officer

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